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The following citations and quotations are from reviews and/or pre-publication press coverage of Agrippa. Caveat emptor: because of limited access to the book, “review” is in this case a fuzzy-logic concept. Some press coverage is clearly based just on pre-publication announcements and some on actual acquaintance with the artifact. But the status of others is blurry.

Wei, Lilly. “Dennis Ashbaugh at Marisa del Re – Painting Exhibition, New York, New York.”

Art in America 81.10 (Oct 1993): 130.
Retrieved 21 Nov. 2005.

Review of Ashbaugh exhibit roughly contemporaneous to the release of Agrippa, including valuable descriptions of his paintings. (more…)

Unofficial Cyberpunk FAQ

Unofficial FAQ for the Usenet Newsgroup alt.cyberpunk” 1 Jan. 1993. Retrieved 29 Sept. 2005.

Section 7 of this FAQ discusses Agrippa and includes excerpts from press coverage of the work at the time. (more…)

Rasenberger, Jim. “Book Lark.”

Vanity Fair May 1992: 124.

Short note accompanied by photos of William Gibson and of the first prototype for the Agrippa book. (more…)

Leaman, Jessie. “Picks.”

New York Press 9-15 Dec. 1992: [page unknown] (more…)

Princenthal, Nancy. “Artist’s Book Beat.”

The Print Collector’s Newsletter 23, no. 2 (May-June 1992).

Article offers a thorough description of Agrippa and locates the object in the context of other experimental, electronic texts. (more…)

Gehr, Richard. “Here Today.”

Village Voice 29 Dec. 1992:93.

This article provides a thorough description of the work, as well as a summary of its broadcast and reception. (more…)

Rose, Barbara. “Art and Science Team up.”

Art & Auction June 1992: 32.

Article offers a substantial analysis and description of Dennis Ashbaugh’s artwork. (more…)

Von Ziegesar, Peter. “You Can Read This Book Only Once.”

Kansas City Star 11 Dec. 1992: F5.

Description of an exhibition at the Kansas City Art Institute organized around the Agrippa broadcast. (more…)

Schwenger, Peter. “Agrippa, or, The Apocalyptic Book.”

South Atlantic Quarterly Fall 1993: 617-626.

This issue of South Atlantic Quarterly is devoted to discussions of cyberculture, and features a literary analysis of Agrippa. (more…)

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