Jirgens, Karl E. “Gibson Satire Fights the Hype.”

Rev. of All Tomorrow’s Parties, by William Gibson. Eye Weekly 2 Dec. 1999. Retrieved 31 Aug. 2005. http://www.eye.net/eye/issue/issue_12.02.99/arts/books.html

This review of Gibson’s All Tomorrow’s Parties also references Agrippa.

“Gibson likes to maintain the fine distinctions between actual and “virtual” reality. Rumours surround the author, but only some are true. His fabled Agrippa project (a supposed self-erasing text sculpture)? “It’s a ghost. Very much a piece of conceptual art,” he explains. “The intention was that the text would erase itself a line at a time, and somehow people found that very provocative and perverse, but it was never actually published. The text was almost immediately pirated and put on the net where it remains today, mutating in an interesting way.”