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Image and video Resources relating to Agrippa or its creators.

A “Run” of William Gibson’s “Agrippa” Poem from a Copy of Original 1992 Agrippa Diskette

Rapid access: YouTube
Higher-quality: QuickTime video

20 minutes, 13 seconds.
Agrippa label at start of poem's run


Agrippa “label” at start of poem’s run
Beginning of poem as it scrolls up screen


“I hesitated…”
(Beginning of poem as it scrolls up screen)
The poem continues


“The mechanism…”
(the poem continues)
The poem ends


“laughing, in the mechanism” (the poem ends)
Encrypted text appearing after end of poem
Encrypted text appearing after end of poem
Desktop of Mini vMac emulator

Desktop of Mini vMac emulator with System 7 used to run the poem
Folder on Mini vMac emulator

Folder on Mini vMac emulator with System 7 used to run the poem
Rapid access: YouTube
Higher-quality: QuickTime video

20 minutes, 13 seconds.
Item #D51. Video capture of a “run” of William Gibson’s “Agrippa” poem made from playing a disk-image (bit-level) copy of original 1992 Agrippa diskette.


Source: original 1992 Agrippa 3.5″ diskette, 1.4 Mb, loaned by collector Allan Chasanoff.

Process: » Disk image (bit-level copy) made using the “dd” copy process. (See Item #D50 on this site: downloadable disk-image file.) » Run of the disk-image copy on a computer using Mini vMac emulator with System 7 book disk (to emulate the functions of the original 1992 Mac platform for which the software on the diskette was created). » Video capture of the resulting run of the poem.

More info: Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, with Doug Reside and Alan Liu, “No Round Trip: Two New Primary Sources for Agrippa.”

     Credits for the “Run”
  • Allan Chassanof (for loan of original diskette)
  • Kevin Begos, Jr.
  • Matthew G. Kirschenbaum and Doug Reside, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
  • Alan Liu
  • Robert Maxwell, Digital Forensics Lab and Office of Information Technology, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Bini Tecle and Allan Rough, University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Permissions to copy, run, and reproduce the diskette online received from: Kevin Begos, Jr., Allan Chasanoff, and William Gibson.

New York Public Library. Ninety from the Nineties: A Decade of Printing (Exhibit)

New York Public Library. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

Images from the November 7, 2003, through May 28, 2004, exhibit at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library of The New York Public Library; includes image of Agrippa in its inner case and shroud.

Ashbaugh, Dennis. Genetic Portraits.

Wingate Studio. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

Set of six aquatint works created in 1992 by Dennis Ashbaugh in the style of the etchings he had been working on for Agrippa. (more…)

Calder, Diane. “Intersections of Art and Science.”

2000. ArtSceneCal. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

Brief review of an exhibit in 2000 at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, Scripps College, East Los Angeles County, titied “In the Minds Sky: Intersections of Art and Science” (curator, Mary Davis MacNaughton); includes an image of Dennis Ashbaugh’s mixed media on canvas work, “WYSIWYG” (1991-92).

Ralls Collection Exhibit: Dennis Ashbaugh – Recent Works.

October 2002. Ralls Collection. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

October 2002 exhibit of Dennis Ashbaugh’s mixed-media works at the Ralls Collection in Washington, D.C. The web site features 31 images of Ashbaugh’s works; as well as a brief c.v. for the artist.

Victoria & Albert Museum. The Book and Beyond: Electronic Publishing and the Art of the Book (Exhibit).

7 April – 1 October 1995, Design Now Room, 20th Century Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

Online exhibit representing the show at the V&A Museum in 1995; includes photos of Agrippa in its shroud and inner case as well as pp. 62-63 of Agrippa (

Anton Rauben Weiss & William Gibson aleph Site. William Gibson Image Gallery.

William Gibson aleph Site. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

A collection of photos relating to William Gibson and his work; includes a section devoted to photos of Agrippa:

Neale, Mark, dir. No Maps for These Territories

DVD cover  DVD back cover

Perf. William Gibson. Mark Neale Productions, 2000.

DVD documentary video features William Gibson on a road trip across North America, starting from Los Angeles. U2’s Bono reads from Neuromancer, and Bruce Sterling and Jack Womack fade in and out of the car where Gibson carries on an extended interview while literally moving down the “information superhighway,” and also down strip roads and backstreets. (Website for documentary)
(more…) “Dennis Ashbaugh.”

Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic Revolution. Retrieved 31 August 2005.

This site features an artistic statement by Dennis Ashbaugh, as well as an image his “genomic” artwork “Bio-Gel (aka The Jolly Green Giant).” (more…)