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Biographies or writings that profile the creators of Agrippa.

Hehmeyer, Paxton. “Interview with Kevin Begos, Jr.”

Transcribed and edited from a phone interview conducted December 17, 2005 by Pax Hehmeyer, a member of the team behind The Agrippa Files, this extensive interview offers information about Kevin Begos Jr.’s background and views on book publishing, artists’s books, and the creation of Agrippa (a book of the dead).

Scarpa, Marc. Digital Scrapbook Entry on Agrippa Retrieved 26 August 2006. (navigate to “Agrippa” in the Flash interface)

In 1992, Marc Scarpa was hired by Kevin Begos, Jr., to help produce “the Transmission” of Agrippa. This entry in Scarpa’s digital scrapbook provides some details about the event. (The Agrippa transmission was Scarpa’s first netcast production. He later became a leader in the field of live networked productions [bio].) (more…)

Rose, Barbara. “Art and Science Team up.”

Art & Auction June 1992: 32.

Article offers a substantial analysis and description of Dennis Ashbaugh’s artwork. (more…)

William Gibson Alef. Ed. Manuel Derra.

Retrieved 31 August 2005.

Site features information about many of Gibson’s popular works, as well as information related to Agrippa, including a few photographs of the work. (more…)

Ralls “About Dennis Ashbaugh.”

Retrieved 31 August 2005.

Ralls Collection offers biographical information about Dennis Ashbaugh, as well as 31 images of the artist’s mixed-media work.

Lowenthal, Alex. “A Tale of Three Futurists.”

Retrieved 31 Aug. 2005.

Article includes a biography of Gibson with a description of Agrippa. (more…)

Johnson, Brian D. “Gibson, William Ford” (Profile).

Maclean’s June 5, 1995. Accessed 31 August 2005.

Article offers straightforward biographical information about William Gibson. (more…) “Dennis Ashbaugh.”

Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic Revolution. Retrieved 31 August 2005.

This site features an artistic statement by Dennis Ashbaugh, as well as an image his “genomic” artwork “Bio-Gel (aka The Jolly Green Giant).” (more…)

Center for Book “Dennis Ashbaugh.”

Retrieved 31 August 2005.

CBA site offers some brief biographical information about Dennis Ashbaugh. (more…)

Calcutt, Andrew and Shephard, Richard. Cult Fiction: a Reader’s Guide.

Lincolnwood, IL: Contemporary Books, 1999.

This book includes a section on Gibson’s work and offers a brief biography of the author. (more…)

Authors on the Web.Com, “William Gibson’s Official Site.”

Retrieved 31 August 2005.

This site includes information on Gibson’s books, including a full-text version of Agrippa, an introduction to Agrippa, a short biography of Gibson, links, and access to a blog and online discussion devoted to Gibson’s work. (more…)