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Radio and print interviews with the creators of Agrippa (a book of the dead).

Hehmeyer, Paxton. “Interview with Kevin Begos, Jr.”

Transcribed and edited from a phone interview conducted December 17, 2005 by Pax Hehmeyer, a member of the team behind The Agrippa Files, this extensive interview offers information about Kevin Begos Jr.’s background and views on book publishing, artists’s books, and the creation of Agrippa (a book of the dead).

Vitale, Tom. “Amazing Disappearing Computer Book” (Interview with Kevin Begos, William Gibson, Penn Jillette).

Host Anne Garrels. Morning Edition. National Public Radio. 9 Dec. 1992. (more…)

Killheffer, Robert. “Publishers Weekly Interviews — William Gibson.”

Publishers Weekly 6 Sept. 1993: 70-1.

Article offers a substantial interview with William Gibson, with particular emphasis on the evolution of the cyberpunk genre. (more…)

Jirgens, Karl E. “An Eye on Tomorrow: Interview with William Gibson.”

Rampike 11 22 Nov. 1999.

Interview with Gibson, with emphasis on Agrippa. (more…)

Hamburg, Victoria. “The King of Cyberspace: William Gibson Talks to Victoria Hamburg.”

Interview Jan. 1989: 86.

This article features an interview with William Gibson at the height of his cyberpunk fame. (more…)