Jonas, Gerald. “The Disappearing $2,000 Book.”

New York Times 29 Aug. 1993: BR12.

A full-length discussion of the text including comments from Begos, Gibson and Ashbaugh.

“Once upon a time storytellers perpetuated the tales of the tribe by memorizing them. With the invention of books, memory became less important: if you forgot something, you could look it up. Then came the computer; to access its electronic memory, all you had to remember was which key to press. Now this evolution has come full circle with a story-on-a-disk that destroys itself as you read it, leaving nothing but the memory of words glimpsed briefly on a computer screen…The first time the disk is inserted in a computer, the words of the story begin scrolling up the screen at a preset speed as if the computer and not the reader were scanning the text.”