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Source images from New York Hudson River Valley area newspapers and photographic equipment catalogs of the 1920’s and 1930’s used by Dennis Ashbaugh as the basis for “overprints” in Agrippa. The original plan was to print these images in “disappearing” or “fading” ink over the copperplate aquatint etchings in the book featuring Ashbaugh’s distinctive DNA-gels motifs. Opening the book and exposing the etchings to light or air would make the images gradually vanish, leaving behind only the DNA look. However, technical problems prevented the implementation of the fading ink, though an attempt was made to realize the concept in uncured photocopy toner. (See digital simulation of a fading overprint.)

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Tell Daddy We Miss Him

Bell South AdvertisementItem #D39. Advertisement for Bell South Long Distance Telephone Service.

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We Now Introduce Such an Article

Daisy Permanent Starch PasteItem #D38. Advertisement for Daisy Permanent Starch Paste.

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For Instantaneous Photography at Night

Photogenic Pistol AdvertisementItem #D37. Advertisement for Photogenic Pistol and Magnesium Cartridges.

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Recognized as the Height of Quality

DuMont Television AdvertisementItem #D36. Advertisement for DuMont Television.

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Rapidly Detects and Quantifies Single and Double-Stranded DNA

DNA Dipstick AdvertisementItem #D35. Advertisements for Molecular Biology Products.

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Pay Your Bills By Check

First National Bank AdvertisementItem #D34. Advertisement for The First National Bank of Poughkeepsie.

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Any One Acquainted with the Mechanisms of Projecting Lanterns Will See Its Advantages

Magic Lantern AdvertisementItem #D33. Advertisement for Cooper’s Universal Enlarging Lantern.

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