Wei, Lilly. “Dennis Ashbaugh at Marisa del Re – Painting Exhibition, New York, New York.”

Art in America 81.10 (Oct 1993): 130.
Retrieved 21 Nov. 2005.

Review of Ashbaugh exhibit roughly contemporaneous to the release of Agrippa, including valuable descriptions of his paintings.

“One of a large group of artists dazzled by the direction and social implications of the new sciences, Ashbaugh seems particularly obsessed with electronic network systems and genetic engineering, with computer and biological viruses which can rapidly invade and alter a system or cell and with the post-Orwellian world described by William Gibson in his 1984 high-tech fantasia, Neuromancer, the cyberpunk classic that took us from hyper-reality to virtual reality.
      Long an abstract painter, Ashbaugh situates his new work somewhere between abstraction and representation. Thematically, he divides the show into DNA ‘portraits’ and ‘viruses’. Some of these portraits consist of short, intermittent strokes of black paint, at times edged in green, red or yellow, cradling a touch of color within, and stacked vertically in simulation of chromosomal banding.”