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Miscellaneous items relating to Agrippa.

Agrippa Files’ Reception

On December 1, 2005, the Agrippa Files team held a reception and panel discussion at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s library to celebrate the inauguration of the project. Panel members included Alan Liu (English Department), James Hodge (English Department), Brian Springer (Art Department), and Harry Reese (Art Department).

To view clips from the reception, click on the following links. Note that Macintosh users may need to download Windows Media Components for Quicktime Player.

Introductory remarks by Alan Liu
James Hodge
Brian Springer
Harry Reese
Question and Answer Session

Advertisement for The Kitchen.

Village Voice 15 Dec. 1992: 92

Advertisement in Village Voice for the December ninth transmission of Agrippa from The Kitchen in New York City.


Goings on about Town. “Get Agrippa.”

New Yorker 14 Dec. 1992: 28

Notice in New Yorker of Agrippa‘s transmissions in New York City at the Kitchen and Americas Society.


Markoff, John. “A Public Battle Over Secret Codes.”

New York Times 7 May 1992: D1.

When this article by the well-known Times writer on the cyber-beat appeared, the programmer of the encryption code on Agrippa‘s diskette faxed it along with a letter to Agrippa‘s publisher. “I think it explains why [John Perry] Barlow has said that a fuss is being made over the encryption of this thing [Agrippa],” the programmer’s letter comments. (more…)