Killheffer, Robert. “The Shape of Books to Come: a Collaborative Book Challenges Ideas about the Immortality of Art– ‘Agrippa: A Book of the Dead’ by William Gibson and Dennis Ashbaugh.”

Rev. of Agrippa: A Book of the Dead, by William Gibson. Omni Jan 1993: 14(1). Retrieved 30 September 2005.

This article offers a substantial review of the book and its broadcast with commentary from Ashbaugh and Begos.

“…one of the functions of art and literature is to challenge our assumptions. Now cyberpunk guru William Gibson and artist Dennis Ashbaugh have collaborated on Agrippa: A Book of the Dead, an elaboratly conceived marriage of antique bookcraft and modern computer technology that may alter our conceptions of the immortality of artworks.

“Agrippa was published last September by art-book publisher Kevin Begos, Jr. A 95-copy edition costs $1,500. (The ten deluxe copies go for $7,500 each, while a simpler 350-copy edition is priced at $450 each.) At its heart is a diskette containing the text of Gibson’s story. Ashbaugh created a weighty, worn-looking book to house the disk, illustrated with his copperplate engravings. The oversized book’s pages feature an alphabetic representation of a strand of DNA–a continuous series of the letters A, C, G, and T, standing for the four basic building blocks of DNA: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine.”