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Press releases for the publication and exhibition of Agrippa (a book of the dead).

Agrippa Press Release/Prospectus (1992)

Prospectus cover page
Item #D1. Agrippa press release/prospectus from the publisher

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Transcription (with bibliographical notes)

Publisher’s Press Release for Agrippa (23 March 1992)

Press Release
Item #D30. Fax of publisher’s press release for Agrippa.

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Center for Book Arts Newsletter Article (April 1993)

Item #D22. Center for Book Arts’ news article about the exhibition of Agrippa (A Book of the Dead).

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Bibliographical Information

Press Release for “The Transmission” (1 December 1992)

Press release regarding the December 9, 1992, transmission of Agrippa
Item #D11. Press release from the publisher regarding the December 9, 1992, “transmission” of Agrippa.

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This press release was attached to a faxed letter of Dec. 1, 1992, from Kevin Begos to David Leslie of The Kitchen in NYC. (Excerpt from letter)

The Kitchen’s Press Release for “The Transmission” (16 October 1992)

The Kitchen Press Release
Item #D18. The Kitchen’s press release for the transmission of Agrippa.

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