William Gibson Alef. Ed. Manuel Derra.

Retrieved 31 August 2005. http://www.antonraubenweiss.com/gibson/gibson0.html

Site features information about many of Gibson’s popular works, as well as information related to Agrippa, including a few photographs of the work.

“‘Agrippa’ was released on a limited edition encrypted diskette that erased itself page by page as you read. The book itself contained artwork by Dennis Ashbrough, a painter from New York, related to the content of the poem (such as advertising posters from the 1920s). It was made using a special ink that disappeared after prolonged exposure to light…All the pages are filled with lines of genetic code that are actually an encoding of the novel. On December 9, 1992, ‘Agrippa’ was made available to the public for one day, at museums across America, through the internet. The (supposedly unhackable) poem text was soon cracked and put on various internet sites.”