Authors on the Web.Com, “William Gibson’s Official Site.”

Retrieved 31 August 2005.

This site includes information on Gibson’s books, including a full-text version of Agrippa, an introduction to Agrippa, a short biography of Gibson, links, and access to a blog and online discussion devoted to Gibson’s work.

“‘AGRIPPA, A Book of the Dead” is a longish poem written in 1992 for a multi-unit artwork to be designed by artist Dennis Ashbaugh and “published” by art-guy Kevin Begos. Ashbaugh’s design eventually included a supposedly self-devouring floppy-disk intended to display the text only once, then eat itself. Today, there seems to be some doubt as to whether any of these curious objects were ever actually constructed. I certainly don’t have one myself. Meanwhile, though, the text escaped to cyberspace and a life of its own, which I found a pleasant enough outcome. But the free-range cyberspace versions are subject to bit-rot, it seems, so we’ve decided to offer it here with the correct line-breaks, etc.

“Agrippa” is the name of the particular model of Eastman Kodak photograph album my father kept his snapshots in.”