Ashbaugh, Dennis. Genetic Portraits.

Wingate Studio. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

Set of six aquatint works created in 1992 by Dennis Ashbaugh in the style of the etchings he had been working on for Agrippa.

From the Wingate Studio site:

“This set, titled Genetic Portraits, had its genesis in the early 1990’s as part of a book project by publisher Kevin Begos, that was a collaboration with the science fiction writer William Gibson. When the project was about to be cancelled we made an agreement with the artist to continue with the portfolio prints and publish them ourselves. These prints are very similar to the large scale paintings that Dennis was making at the time.

Dennis’ work of the last fifteen years has concerned itself with our human relationship to science, biotechnology and genetic research. His paintings and prints fuse the traditions of abstraction and concept art to confront issues of technological advancement in a computer driven age.”

The site includes small images of the six works.