Vitale, Tom. “Amazing Disappearing Computer Book” (Interview with Kevin Begos, William Gibson, Penn Jillette).

Host Anne Garrels. Morning Edition. National Public Radio. 9 Dec. 1992.

Excerpt (Full transcript available for purchase from NPR here):

“VITALE: The story is scrolling at a fixed rate from the bottom of Penn’s screen to the top like the introductions to the ‘Star Wars’ films. It takes 20 minutes to reach the end, and Jillette can’t stop it.

JILLETTE: Yes. No, we can’t—we’ve already started. We can’t go back.

VITALE: And once the story has scrolled through to the end, a built-in computer virus destroys it.

WILLIAM GIBSON (AUTHOR): There’s something very satisfying I think for a writer—the idea of a—a form that allows you, in effect, to say, ‘OK, sit down and pay attention. We’re only going to say this once.’

. . . . . . . .

VITALE: New York publisher Kevin Begos claims ‘Agrippa’ has never been printed out on paper, only transferred from computer memory to computer memory. William Gibson says the story is then simply transferred from the computer’s memory to the reader’s memory. . . .”