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Leaf from Gutenberg Bible Leaf from Gutenberg Bible

A leaf of the Gutenberg Bible (1450-1455) owned by the UC Santa Barbara Davidson Library (Special Collections). On paper, containing pts. of chapter XXXVII, chap. XXXVIII, and pts. of chap. XXXIX of Ezekiel. Rubricated.

Re:Agrippa (Experimental Video Based on Footage of Dec. 9, 1992, From One of the Sites of the ‘Transmission’ of Agrippa) (1993)

Screenshot of video

Item #D16. Experimental video Re:Agrippa by “Rosehammer & Templar” (probably specifically Rosehammer) (produced 1993), based originally on bootleg video from a Dec. 9, 1992, public screening of the “Agrippa” poem.

Re:Agrippa is an experimental video composition that samples and remixes (with added material) footage from a bootleg video recorded at the public unveiling of Agrippa at the Americas Society in New York City (one of the sites of the “Transmission”). The footage that Re:Agrippa includes from the original bootleg video (now available in full as Item #D48 on this site) shows the text of William Gibson’s poem in Agrippa scrolling up the screen, accompanied by a soundtrack of Penn Jillette reading from the poem; shots of publisher Kevin Begos, Jr., introducing the work; and added experimental-video-like montage, sound, and titling effects added by Re:Agrippa’s pseudonymous makers. (A transcription of the full bootleg video underlies the so-called “hacking” of the poem and its release to the Internet on Dec. 10, 1992. See “-Templar- Rosehammer & Pseudophred’s” introduction to the text of the poem that appeared on that date on the MindVox BBS; see also Matthew G. Kirschenbaum’s discussion and follow-up discussion of various explanations of “the hack.”)

For Windows Users (WMV9, streaming)
» Excerpt: Gibson’s poem scrolling up screen (.wmv, 20 secs.)
» Full video (.wmv, 5 min., 32Mb)
For Macintosh Users (Quicktime 7, streaming)
» Excerpt: Gibson’s poem scrolling up screen (.mov, 20 secs.)
» Full video (.mov, 5 min., 27Mb)

Note: The Windows Quicktime plug-in for IE and Firefox is flawed and may crash when streaming Quicktime 7 (H.264) content. Windows users are encouraged to view the WMV files above or download the Quicktime files prior to viewing (rather than streaming).

New York Public Library. Ninety from the Nineties: A Decade of Printing (Exhibit)

New York Public Library. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

Images from the November 7, 2003, through May 28, 2004, exhibit at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library of The New York Public Library; includes image of Agrippa in its inner case and shroud.

Ashbaugh, Dennis. Genetic Portraits.

Wingate Studio. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

Set of six aquatint works created in 1992 by Dennis Ashbaugh in the style of the etchings he had been working on for Agrippa. (more…)

Calder, Diane. “Intersections of Art and Science.”

2000. ArtSceneCal. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

Brief review of an exhibit in 2000 at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, Scripps College, East Los Angeles County, titied “In the Minds Sky: Intersections of Art and Science” (curator, Mary Davis MacNaughton); includes an image of Dennis Ashbaugh’s mixed media on canvas work, “WYSIWYG” (1991-92).

Ralls Collection Exhibit: Dennis Ashbaugh – Recent Works.

October 2002. Ralls Collection. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

October 2002 exhibit of Dennis Ashbaugh’s mixed-media works at the Ralls Collection in Washington, D.C. The web site features 31 images of Ashbaugh’s works; as well as a brief c.v. for the artist.

Victoria & Albert Museum. The Book and Beyond: Electronic Publishing and the Art of the Book (Exhibit).

7 April – 1 October 1995, Design Now Room, 20th Century Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

Online exhibit representing the show at the V&A Museum in 1995; includes photos of Agrippa in its shroud and inner case as well as pp. 62-63 of Agrippa (

Anton Rauben Weiss & William Gibson aleph Site. William Gibson Image Gallery.

William Gibson aleph Site. Retrieved 26 November 2005.

A collection of photos relating to William Gibson and his work; includes a section devoted to photos of Agrippa:

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