Agrippa»”Small” Edition

The Small Edition of Agrippa (a book of the dead) has not been physically examined by the editors of The Agrippa Files site. The Center for Book Arts refers to it as the “regular edition” as follows: “The regular edition of Agrippa was also set in Monotype Sans Gill, but in a single column page format. It was printed by the Sun Hill Press on Mohawk Superfine text and the reproduction of the etchings were printed on a Canon laser printer. The book was Smythe sewn at Spectrum Bindery and is enclosed in a clamshell box” (Center for Book Arts online statement).
      The Small Edition was intended to be sold at a cheaper price of $450. However, according to the publisher, most of the print run was cancelled after being produced. An unknown number of copies are extant; one copy is known to be publicly accessible (Waldo Library, Western Michigan University). See “Bibliographic Description” for a fuller overview of Agrippa and exact specifications.
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