Print Resources

Chollet, Laurence B. “William Gibson’s Second Sight In Meetings of Man and Machine, Ecstacy and Dread, the Cyberpunk Guru Divines the Future,” Los Angeles Times, September 12, 1993.

Discussion of Gibson’s novel “Virtual Light.” Although the article primarily deals with other work by Gibson, it includes a few comments on Agrippa, including the explication that “[t]he book was designed to work on many levels, but in one real sense it was intended to replicate Gibson’s memories of his late father-vanishing words and fading pictures that change with each glance.” Mr. Chollet has also provided a nice introduction to Gibson himself, the man behind the text.

Fein, Esther B. “Read It, and Its Gone,” Book Notes, New York Times, C26, November 18, 1992.

Review of the book, “and the word is used in the loosest sense possible,” contemporary to its release. Includes the pithy observation that “[a]nyone who buys the book will have to decide whether to enjoy its content or save it as a collector’s item.”

Jonas, Gerald. “The Disappearing $2,000 Book,” New York Times, BR12, August 29, 1993.

A thoughtful full-length discussion of the text including comments from Begos, Gibson and Ashbaugh. Also includes a description of the book and the reading experience: “The first time the disk is inserted in a computer, the words of the story begin scrolling up the screen at a preset speed as if the computer and not the reader were scanning the text.”