Magazine Reviews

Baker John F. “Electronic Art Book … for One Read Only.” Publishers Weekly, June 29, 1992 v239 n29 p28(1)

Straightforward review of “Agrippa” with valuable observations from Begos and Gibson. “The whole creation is thus in the process of alteration, like human perception and memory.”

Ehrenman, Gayle C. “Write Once, Read Once Literature.” PC Magazine, August 1992 v11 n14 p34(1)

Includes interesting comments on the ephermeral character of the poem’s content and the technology platform itself. “These memories, like the technology that’s being used to convey them, exist only as a moment in time.”

Jillette, Penn. “Agrippa – One Shot to Download Dad.” PC/Computing, Sept 1992 v5 n9 p436(1)

Humorous review of “Agrippa” by the famed magician. “These two guys have teamed up and done the hippest non-Lou Reed thing this year.”

Killheffe, Robert KJ. “The Shape of Books to Come: a Collaborative Book (?) Challenges Ideas about the Immorality of Art.” Omni, Jan 1993 v15 n4 p14(1)

Excellent review of the book and its broadcast and also has great comments from Ashbaugh and Begos. “In fact, Agrippa is more art object than book–the arbitrary division between art and literature is wholly erased.”

the title says Immorality of Art but I’m pretty sure it means Immortality, but that’s how it is in the electronic database (without the ‘t’).

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