Walther, Bo Kampmann. “Digital Aesthetics: A Systematic Approach.”

Keynote address. Digital Aesthetics Conference: Theoretical and Empirical Challenges. Nyborg Strand, Denmark. 29 April-2 May 2003. Retrieved 4 Dec. 2005. http://www.sdu.dk/Hum/bkw/Digital%20Aesthetics.Nyborg_

Keynote address at the conference of Digital Aesthetics, 2003, featuring commentary on Agrippa.

“[o]ne of the most artistically advanced examples of a digitally transient, that is, temporally dependent or adjusted, piece of art…Agrippa is described as a ‘black box recovered from some unspecified disaster’, and instead of meaningful words the pages of the book are filled with DNA -codes – ‘AATAT/TACGA/GTTTG’ and so on. -Yet the allegory seems obvious: just as letters generate semantics, so DNA strings create life that interprets information (or ‘recipes’) in a cycle.”