Kirschenbaum, Matthew G. “Ashbaugh and Gibson’s Agrippa: A Description of the Book Based Upon My Examination of the NYPL Copy.”

MGK (Matthew G. Kirschenbaum’s blog). 4 June 2004. Retrieved 26 Sept. 2005.

Kirschenbaum, whose introduction to his Mechanisms: New Media and the New Textuality (under contract to MIT Press, scheduled publication Fall 2006) discusses Agrippa and its early reception, provides a bibliographical description of the the copy held by the New York Public Library.

“The purpose of what follows is to make public a reasonably complete physical description of the book, something which appears to be lacking at the present. Indeed, there is a great deal of internet lore and misinformation surrounding the project; Gibson himself, for example, once claimed never to have seen a copy, in turn leading some to conclude none were ever completed—but this statement is belied by the appearance of Gibson’s own signature on the flyleaf of the copy at NYPL. The best technical description to date is from the Center for the Art of the Book; while it is authoritative on bibliographical matters it lacks any description of the book’s actual content.”