Jirgens, Karl E. “A Quick Note on Swift Current: the World’s First E-Journal.”

OL3: open letter on lines online 2000. Retrieved 31 Aug. 2005. http://www.ubu.com/papers/ol/jirgens.html

Article references Agrippa in the context of digital publishing.

“The legendary hype concerning this electronic text may seem to be out of proportion with its true status when one considers the fact that the project never actually happened. However, the degree of commentary on what turns out to be a rumour, or, urban legend, is an indication of the power of the web as a medium. Much has been said about the tactile experience of reading a book, but I believe that most will agree that even with an autographed copy, there is something rather impersonal about a mass-circulation paper-back. However, within the literary or artistic realm at least, web-sites tend to carry a sense of closer, more direct contact with the originating artist/writer.”