Dery, Mark (Ed.). “Flame Wars: The Discourse of Cyberculture.”

South Atlantic Quarterly Fall 1993.
Flame Wars: the Discourse of Cyberculture. Ed. Mark Dery. Durham: Duke UP, 1994

This special issue of the SAQ features fourteen different articles on the subject of cybertexts and cybercultures. Later published in book form by Duke University Press.

The following is a list of articles and authors, in order of this issue’s table of contents: “Flame Wars,” by Mark Dery; “New Age Mutant Ninja Hackers: Reading Mondo 2000,” by Vivian Sobchack; “Techgnosis, Magic, Memory, and the Angels of Information,” by Erik Davis; Agrippa, or, The Apocalyptic Book,” by Peter Schwenger; “Gibson’s Typewriter,” by Scott Bukatman; “Virtual Surreality: Our New Romance with Plot Devices,” by Marc Laidlaw; “Chapter 14, Synners,” by Pat Cadigan; “Feminism for the Incurably Informed,” by Anne Balsamo; “Sex, Memories, and Angry Women,” by Claudia Springer; “Back to the Future: Interviews with Samuel R. Delany, Greg Tate, and Tricia Rose,” by Mark Dery; “Compu-Sex: Erotica for Cybernauts,” by Gareth Branwyn; “Virtual Environments and the Emergence of Synthetic Reason,” by Manuel de Landa; “Survival Research Laboratories Performs in Austria,” by Mark Pauline; and “Taming the Computer,” by Gary Chapman.