Article on Agrippa in Musik Express Sounds (ME/Sounds)

Article in German publication
Short article on Agrippa (A Book of the Dead) in the German publication Musik Express Sounds (ME/Sounds).

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The following information was contributed by Amy Schlabitz: “While I am unable to provide complete source information, I can give you some additional information. The publication is named Musik Express Sounds and is commonly referred to (for example, online) as ME/Sounds. It is a monthly publication, and the William Gibson article must have been published in 1991 or early 1992, due to the information in the second article about waiting for the release of Madonna’s movie. They are anticipating the release of A League of Their Own, which, according to IMDB, was released in 1992. Here is a link to a web page displaying an article from a different issue of the magazine.”

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