Markoff, John. “A Public Battle Over Secret Codes.”

New York Times 7 May 1992: D1.

When this article by the well-known Times writer on the cyber-beat appeared, the programmer of the encryption code on Agrippa‘s diskette faxed it along with a letter to Agrippa‘s publisher. “I think it explains why [John Perry] Barlow has said that a fuss is being made over the encryption of this thing [Agrippa],” the programmer’s letter comments.

Markoff’s article reports (and reflects on the fact that), “A House Judiciary panel will hear testimony on the issue today, for the second time in nine days, as Congress ponders whether to resurrect legislation that would give intelligence officials a greater ability to monitor the use of encryption by businesses and individuals.”

For a contemporaneous full-text online posting of Markoff’s article, see Computer Privacy Digest, vol. 1, no. 24 (13 May 1992) (at that time administered from an domain name and posted to the Usenet group comp.society.privacy [moderated]).