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Quittner, Josh. “Read Any Good Webs Lately?” Newsday. June 16, 1992.
Quittner, Josh. “When Art Resembles National Security” (Sidebar). Newsday. June 16, 1992.

News article about technologically-enabled texts, including Agrippa; also features a sidebar about the specific code used to generate Agrippa’s self-encrypting text.

“William Gibson’s short story, “Agrippa,” is designed to automatically and irrevocably encode itself after a viewer reads it on a computer screen. But because a sophisticated and virtually unbreakable encryption program, known as RSA, is used to do the code work, and because RSA, like most encryption devices, is closely guarded by the U.S. government, it’s possible that “Agrippa” may not be sold overseas, said Kevin Begos, the publisher.”

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