Victoria & Albert Museum Book and Beyond Exhibition Catalog (Item #D21) (transcription)

Electronic publishing and the art of the book

[Image of cover/case of Agrippa with shroud;
See color photo on V&A Web page for the exhibit]

7 April-1 October 1995
Design Now Room,
20th Century Gallery


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37. Philip Zimmermann.

High tension.
Rochester, N.Y.: Visual Studies Workshop, 1993.

Produced using a variety of computer software including Aldus Freehand, Adobe PhotoShop and Quark Xpress, Zimmermann’s book deals with the stress and tension of life at the end of the millenium.

38. William Gibson & Dennis Ashbaugh.

Agrippa: a book of the dead.
New York: Kevin Begos, 1992.

Some of the book’s images are impermanent, and are easily damaged if touched. Gibson’s text is on the enclosed Macintosh computer disk, but the data is destroyed when the disk is used. Although this copy has not been played, the text has been made available on the Internet. “Agrippa” is the name of a Kodak photograph album available in the 1920s.

39. Sara Garden Armstrong.

New York: Wills, Locker & Owens, c1990.

Published in a limited edition of 65 copies, Airplayers is a translation of Sara Garden Armstrong’s site-specific “environments” into a bookwork with four components: a container, book, video, and a “miniature sculptural

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