Letter from Kevin Begos to William Gibson (1992)
(Item #D9) (transcription)

Dear Bill:

Here, finally, is a disc. Perhaps fittingly, dealing with the hacker who did the program has been like dealing with a character from one of your books. In other words, it has been very frustrating, but, I think, the right way to go. [Name of programmer withheld] really wanted to try the image at the end, and the sounds, but of course we can change/delete any of that. Same with the speed the text scrolls.

In our “research” for the project (we must use the word loosely) Dennis and I found this Kodak book from 1920. It seems your grand-dad got a good buy on AGRIPPA, as the CA. model listed for $1.40 in cloth. Isn’t it funny how all the albums have classic Greek names? With history a little different, we could have ended up with a project called Hercules—A Book of the Dead.

Also, here is a sheet of Whatman 1948 paper. Whatman is an English company that has been making handmade paper for 300 years, and by tradition they put the date each sheet is made in watermark. Both Blake and Audubon used Whatman papers. I have a source that has kept small lots of Vintage Whatman paper, and just had the idea of doing either the ten super-deluxe copies, or some of the Artist Proof copies, on paper the year you were born. So far, I haven’t found 1946 for Dennis. Do you like that idea?


Kevin Begos

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(Item #D9) (transcription)