Letter from the Programmer (7 May 1992)
(Item #D32) (transcription)

05/07/92 09:34 617 873 2565 BBN LABS CAMB 001

[Note: original in ALL CAPS]

Dear Kevin,

This is an article from today’s New York Times. I think it explains why Barlow has said that a fuss is being made over the encryption of this thing. I’m going to call him in a short while. I’ve also spoken with someone here at BBN about virus technology. This person helped write and test one of the leading anti-virus programs currently available. He doesn’t think that it’s possible to auto-load a program, ie. make it a virus in the sense of the original press release. He was very perplexed when I told him about this virus from MIT. I think it’s [sic] mechanism is capacle [sic] of somehow autoloading. I still haven’t heard from you on your trip, but I don’t think it’s all that important that you come up. I’ve taken the last two days off, and might just take off the whole rest of the week and start working again next Monday. I’ll be at 617-873-2450 today and tomorrow, and after that either at home. The liquor store, or maybe at Hravard [sic]. Cheers,

XXXXX [first name of programmer withheld]


To: Kevin Begos

From: XXXXX [full name of programmer withheld; programmer wished to remain anonymous]

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(Item #D32) (transcription)