Letter from Kevin Begos to William Gibson (1992)
(Item #D40) (transcription)

Dear Bill:

Here is an article from Print Collectors Newsletter that just came out. I sent Martha the part about Agrippa, then thought you might want to read the rest of the piece, about other things going on in the digital/book crossfire. We’ll have a copy of Details tomorrow, but I don’t think it will be very interesting.

[signed:] Kevin Begos

p.s. John Barlow wants to
have a conference call with all
of us, including the hacker who
is writing the program. Barlow
thinks we’re soon to come under
heavy attack from the computer
world, i.e. – friends of his vow
to buy and then run Agrippa through
a Cray Supercomputer to capture
the code and crack the program.
It’s humorous, but perhaps we can
deflect the firepower with some
other tricks….

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(Item #D40) (transcription)