Letter from John Perry Barlow to Kevin Begos (11 June 1992)
(Item#D45) (transcription)

John Perry Barlow

Pinedale, Wyoming
Thursday, June 11, 1992


Got your fax. Quittner played this one exactly right.

By the way, I would be honored to have my name prominently enough affixed to this project so that I am directly in the line of any legal fire generated. That will help the citizens of Cyberspace riled up.

Besides, I’m making a general practice of getting in the NSA’s “face” at every available opportunity. Sooner or later they will have to reveal one to me.

Had a long chat with [name of the programmer of Agrippa’s encryption code blacked out to protect anonymity] last night. Sounds like things are coming along nicely. I should have the disk and source code by tomorrow.

One of these days, I simply must call Bill and talk to him about this. We still haven’t exchanged word one on the subject. We maybe forging a new creative technique here: virtual collaboration.

[Signed:] Barlow
P.O. Box 1009 · 372 North Franklin · Pinedale Wyoming 82941 · (307) 367-2466 · (307) 367-4502 Fax · Barlow@Eff.Org
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(Item#D45) (transcription)