Last Letter from the Programmer (9 August 1992)
(Item #D29) (transcription)

Cambridge, MA


Here are three discs. They all have slightly different versions. One has the opening credits on gray, then shows the stamp (order extra, etc.) then text on top of picture and then final picture. Another has no end picture, and the last one no gray background for the credits. They all have the same scroll speed, which is a little too fast on a Li, but just about right on the LC. As far as throwing up some encrypted text at the end, let me know. It can be at 21pt or so and can lines of text can [illegible] be layered on top of others until the screen fills up. Just a thought, Let me know if you have any suggestions. I wil be working on making the insides more confusing this evening, and will scramble the debug vector as well, so that upon an okay we can get them out to the Isle of Long for duplication. (I know, I know. I’m saying this?) Anyway, I’ll be in touch.

Take care,
XXXXXX [signature suppressed; programmer wished to be anonymous]
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(Item #D29) (transcription)