Kodak Catalog Advertising “The Agrippa Album” (1920)
(Item #D26) (facsimile images)

Kodak catalog, pp. 52-53 Kodak catalog, pp. 58-59

Pages from a 1920 Kodak catalog (source unknown) advertising “The Agrippa Album,” other albums in the same line with classical or literary names, and assorted photographic equipment.

See also publisher Kevin Bego’s letter to William Gibson regarding Agrippa:

In our “research” for the project (we must use the word loosely) Dennis and I found this Kodak book from 1920. It seems your grand-dad got a good buy on AGRIPPA, as the CA. model listed for $1.40 in cloth. Isn’t it funny how all the albums have classic Greek names? With history a little different, we could have ended up with a project called Hercules—A Book of the Dead.

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