Instructions for the Diskette in Agrippa (1992)
(Item #D3) (transcription)


Directions for Agrippa:

Agrippa is set to run with 3MB’s of memory; it will run 2.5 if you change the memory setting in Get Info and override the setting.

Agrippa takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to set up, depending on your computer. Do not be alarmed if any of the windows or graphics remain on the screen for periods of up to 5 minutes.

Agrippa has no commands that can be executed. When it is over it will quit by itself.

Agrippa will not run if the disk has been locked. Agrippa is intended to rewrite portions of itself, if you attempt to prevent this from happening the program will not execute.

Agrippa will also not run from a copy made of the file. You must run Agrippa from the diskette that came with Agrippa (a book of the dead). Also, do not copy the application Agrippa.

Lastly, Agrippa will not run if there is a debugger in RAM. If you regularly use a debugger please move it out of your system folder and restart your computer.

Note: Agrippa is not a virus, nor does the disk it comes on contain a virus. It does not permanently alter your computer’s memory, either physical or RAM, however it is very important that you heed the instructions given above.

If for any some reason you encounter a difficulty with your disk due to high speed copying processes a replacement disk will be provided. Disks which break down or refuse to run due to attempts at reproduction or disassembly will not be replaced.

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(Item #D3) (transcription)