Contract for Never-Created CD-ROM of Agrippa
(Item #D42) (transcription)


I. Terms used in this document:

Publisher:    Kevin Begos Publishing, Inc.
Producers: Greg Elin and Rich Lappenbusch
Agrippa:    the Deluxe Edition of Agrippa: The Book of the Dead written by William Gibson and Artwork by Dennis Ashbaugh.
Content –    All artwork, text, historical information, sound, moving pictures, and other data considered for inclusion in the work.
Project –    The development in Macromedia Director of a working prototype of an interactive CD-ROM for Apple Macintosh computers. The content will be based on the publication of Agrippa: The Book of the Dead and the surrounding events occasioned by it. This prototype will conform to the look and feel of an animated slide show: specifically a serial presentation of images accompanied with sound and the means to access the images and corresponding sounds in a non-sequential manner (interactive). Any additional interactivity in this prototype will be at the discretion of the Producers and is subject to re-negotiation of this contract and its terms.
[handwritten in left margin by last sentence above:] no

II. General Description

This contract is for 240 hours of prototype development for a CD-ROM work based on the book Agrippa: The Book of the Dead by William Gibson, Art by Dennis Ashbaugh. The nature of this agreement is part time and wholly project based. The production work is to be divided evenly between the Producers. The prototype will include between 50-150 images with corresponding data and sound for each image.

Publisher and Producers agree that this project is experimental in nature with the end goal of producing a working prototype of a CD-ROM for Macintosh computer. The Producers believe it possible to complete a fully working prototype of the form defined above within the time frame agreed. The Producers further believe this prototype will be suitable for publication with additional beta testing to fully debug the prototype. Both Producers and publisher acknowledge that an experimental project of this nature may encounter unanticipated delays and Producers shall not be held responsible for reasonable unanticipated delays and delays caused by the Producer.

The working title of the prototype shall be “The Book of the Dead: An Interactive Multimedia Experience in Decay with Computer and CD-ROM.”

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(Item #D42) (transcription)