Chollet, Laurence. “It’s The Story You Just Can’t Forget — This Book Is Read On A Computer — and One Time Only.”

Rev. of Agrippa: A Book of the Dead, by William Gibson. The Record 17 May 1992. Retrieved 31 August 2005.

This article emphasizes the work’s ephemeral nature and discusses the genesis of the project, apparently from a chance meeting at an art and technology fair in Barcelona, Spain, and offers some commentary from Gibson.

“If all goes as planned, the text will vanish as you read, and the etchings will change as you look at them, thus re-creating the experience of memory — as well as Gibson’s own fleeting memories of his father, who died when Gibson was 6… The project can be read on many levels, but it’s designed to comment specifically on how art, commerce, and time distort personal memory.”