The Agrippa Code in Action


The Agrippa cryptography algorithm has been implemented in Javascript by Ayal Ryger as part of his submission. In the Agrippa program only the decryption algorithm is present in the code, however, Ayal has reverse-engineered the encrypt function so text can be round-tripped.


The two boxes correspond to plaintext (left) and ciphertext (right). The implementation comes pre-loaded with the Agrippa ciphertext, which can be decrypted by clicking the decrypt ciphertext button. The ciphertext will then be decrypted and displayed in the plaintext box. You can re-encrypt the plaintext by clicking encrypt plaintext, which will display in the ciphertext box.

You can edit the contents of the plaintext box to encypt a custom message, or change the ciphertext code to see how it is reflected in the plaintext.

Note: because the Agrippa cryptography algorithm uses a three-character block size, any changes that do not correspond to the block size will corrupt the text (you can duplicate entire lines of the ciphertext safely).

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